Survey of python for geospatial applications

Introduction to the python language and ecosystem for GIS professionals

English (US) Programming Languages
4.6 67
Survey of python for geospatial applications

This course is broad rather than deep. My goal is that when finished, students have some knowledge of the tools in the python ecosystem for geospatial applications and more importantly, how they all work together. More detailed courses will be forthcoming. Some of the topics covered will be

An introduction to the language and its core principles.

An introduction to object oriented programming in python.

FInding and using third party python modules.

Working with the operating system

Working with files

Working with databases

Graphical user interfaces with PyQt5

Reading spatial data with GDAL/OGR

Visualizing data with matplotlib and other tools

Data Analysis with pandas and geopandas

Jupyter notebooks

Unit testing and version control