Econometrics#1: Regression Modeling, Statistics with EViews

Master Descriptive Statistics, Correlation Techniques, Regression, Predictive and Econometrics Modeling skills

English (US) Data & Analytics
4 107
Econometrics#1:  Regression Modeling, Statistics with EViews

This course aims to provide econometrics/quantitative/predictive modelling skills

This course aims to provide basic to intermediate skills on implementing Econometrics/Predictive modelling concepts using Eviews software. Whilst its important to develop understanding of econometrics/quantitative modelling concepts, its equally important to be able to implement it using suitable software packages. This course fills the gap between understanding the concepts and implementing them practically

Descriptive Statistics, Means, Standard Deviation and T-test – This course explains descriptive statistics concepts which will act as building blocks to subsequent courses

Correlation Techniques – Correlation techniques explain relationships across variables and are important in explain the model fitment in regression courses

Regression modelling — Regression modelling forms the core of Predictive modelling course. The core objective of this course is to provide skills in understand the regression model and interpreting it for predictions. The associated parameters of the regression model will be interpreted and tested for significance and test the goodness of fit of the given regression model