The Complete ARPEGGIO SONGS Guitar Course: Beautify Songs!

Learn Everything About The #1 Way to Beautify Your Songs: Arpeggiating the Chords (Playing the Notes Individually)

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The Complete ARPEGGIO SONGS Guitar Course: Beautify Songs!

You'll beautifully play songs using arpeggio picking - the same picking style from "Time of Your Life", "Stairway to Heaven" and more.

You will do that in an effortless manner - arpeggio picking will feel EASY for you.

You'll be able to convert ANY regular (strummed) song into a gorgeous, arpeggiated song.

37$ Value Bonus: Beautiful, printable songbook with 110+ of the most fun-to-play guitar songs of all time - so you'll have songs to practice your new skills on.

You'll be able to play arpeggios both by using a pick or by using your fingers. (Fingerstyle arpeggio)

Learn the #1 secret for smoothness and accuracy when playing arpeggios.

Be able to write songs using this technique - songs that'll be a lot more unique.

97$ Value Bonus: Enjoy the Songs-Masters fancy e-books on various guitar topics that'll help improve your music life.

8 Bonus video lessons to help you improve your general music skills. (Time keeping, music theory, etc.)